Mary Always Remembers You, By T.N. Jorgensen, S.J. Part 11.


Writing the name motto “Mary Always Remembers You” in blue letters on a few white cards and placing the cards where we will notice the name whenever we open a book or drawer or door will be a great help to our memory. With a little thought we can find some places to suit, places which will bring the name often to our gaze without attracting the attention of others.
The motto associates in our mind the colour blue with Mary’s name and her constant watchfulness over us. It will help to repeat the sentence a few times while recalling the reasons for Mary’s love and some of its manifestations. These thoughts will slip away from us as we resume our daily actions, but seeing our cards will bring them back again. We will keep forgetting, but our written motto will keep reminding us. Rewriting or replacing the motto occasionally will keep us conscious of it. And if at each reminder we repeat her name again as a prayer, we will increase our grace and our fidelity to Mary.
We might write out some thoughts about each of the four words and then refresh our memory from time to time by rereading what we have written. The following lines can be either an example or a substitution for our own thoughts.


Mary always remembers you. Just addressing Mary by name is a wonderful prayer. God reveals His thoughts to us through His Church, and the Church honours Mary’s name highly, constantly joining it to the powerful name of Jesus. The Church grants a 300-day indulgence each time the name of Jesus or Mary is repeated or recalled prayerfully. It grants its largest indulgence for any short prayer (seven years each time) for the aspiration “Jesus, Mary, Joseph.” It calls only the names of Jesus and Mary holy, blessing these two names in the Divine Praises and giving only these two names special feast days.
The name Mary is a prayer so brief that it can be repeated hundreds of times in a day, and it is very powerful in resisting the snares of the devil or the weaknesses of our own fallen nature. It is powerful because as Mother of the Creator, Mary is Queen Mother of All Creation. As co-Redeemer and first of the redeemed and Mediatrix of all grace, Mary is queen of our race in a special way. By her place in God’s plans Mary reveals His love for mankind; hence, you have but to mention her name prayerfully to understand His loving mercy more fully and to experience it more abundantly.
Mary always remembers you. Her offering on Calvary was made for your salvation. Easter Sunday’s triumph was yours as well as hers, for it completed Christ’s redemptive act. She worked for you in the years she stayed on earth to mother the infant Church that it might grow strong enough to carry Christ’s graces down through the centuries to you. She remembers you now in heaven as she watches over you day and night to guide you safely home.
Mary always remembers you; in return remember her always, but especially when you are in need. Recall St. Bernard’s plea: “When assailed by the fury of temptations, when sorrow and tribulations surround you, invoke Mary. If you are burdened by the weight of your sins, call upon Mary. In dangers, in anguish and distress, call upon Mary, pronounce the name Mary. Let this sweet name never be far from your lips and never depart from your heart.”
Blue, the symbol of fidelity, is Mary’s colour; she is ever-faithful, ever-present, ever-helping with love. Fidelity in return should mark your devotion to her. Your effort to remember her always in life will assure your enjoying her greater love always in eternity.


Mary always remembers you. Why? Because she is truly your Mother with a mother’s persevering love. Because she offered Christ to death for you and wishes to make that offering successful. Because as Mediatrix of grace it is her place in heaven to watch over you on earth. Because in heaven where she rules with her son, she sees the mansion which He has prepared for the day of your arrival.
How? Actively, with the brave and unselfish devotion which her prototypes Esther and Judith showed in saving their people. Your soul is her castle which she defends against every assault. She remembers you wisely, effectively, lovingly, for God guides her with His knowledge and power and love. With Him and through Him and in Him she remembers you constantly with a love as prudent and persevering and patient as it is powerful.
Mary always remembers you. You in your weakness; you in your glory of grace; especially you who seek her and return her love. She watches over sinner and saint, over the weak and wicked that they may repent, and over the just that they may persevere. You, her children, whoever you are—while life lasts, Mary works for you.
St.Alphonsus was fond of calling her “my Mary.” Each of you can truly say the same. God made her to be your Mother as well as His own. He intended that her glory should help you to know and love Him through your love for her. His dying bequest and command proclaimed that she belongs to you and you to her. On Pentecost, Mary received the Spirit to help her mother the Church for your sake. A true mother spends more time with her child as its needs increase. This is a difficult age; Mary, Comforter of the Afflicted, is increasing the manifestation of her abiding love.
And so we have seen that Mary is truly present at all times, always remembering you with active love. She is the valiant woman of the Scripture: prudent, holy, wise, powerful, faithful. The saints are enthusiastic about her; the angels rejoice to serve her; God Himself finds endless delight in her company. And this glorious woman attends you constantly, loving you with a love far greater than you can ever have for anyone.
The least you can do in return is to greet her occasionally with an “Ave Maria,” a “Good morning, Mother,” with the joyful love which Jesus and Joseph showed when they greeted her in Galilee. This is the least; the most and the best is to give yourself to her completely, turning to her, trusting her, loving her in every act and every hour of your life.
God wishes you to strive for this goal. Mary wishes it. Christ gives you a charming example. By many rights they claim this return for all that they have done for you. By many means they help you to make it. It is a joy to work with them to understand and use this glorious truth: Mary Always Remembers You.

Nihil Obstat:
PERCY JONES, Censor Diocesan
Archiepiscopus Melbournensis
19th February, 1959